Friday, August 07, 2009

Kritical II and ISEA2009

You might have caught me twittering on about ISEA lately - its the International Symposium on Electronic Art, and this year its exhibition and conference is a bit closer to home in Ireland. I've been part of a collaborative show based in Second Life for the last two years, organised by WanderingFiction Story.
I'm exhibiting two pieces - ( machinima below ) and presenting a paper on the 29th August at the Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast, as part of a panel on Dialogic Exchanges for Virtual Curation.

The exhibition begins from the 7th August - till the end of the Month, and the SL show will stay up for a bit longer. SLURL here ->


video duration - 11 mins

This piece turns avatar height into musical notes, inviting the audience to social play and shapeshifting of one's avatar. The Machinima shows an Improvisation by Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, who did a wonderful performance to demonstrate how the Installation works, and also how it can integrate into their own work.


video duration - 5 mins

This is the complete installation I've been working on for a while - complete with growing Trees and immersive music. It requires four avatars to make it work, coming together in the Cloud Generating Matrix to create rain, starting a cycle of Forest Growth.

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