Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Machinima MultiCam Switcher

Machinima MultiCam Switcher, originally uploaded by AngryBeth.
a prototype for an upgraded idea of the old machinima TV studio. This version is 4 multiple (static) cameras, and allows you to switch instantly between them using the arrow keys.
Camera Points and Targets can be moved around whilst in Build Mode - (edit linked). When you sit on the camera itself, the particle trails and guide objects disappear.
Simply build your set design or interview stage, and drop this tool over the top of it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, its the first time I hear about a Machinima Studio, I think that machinimators could be really happy about this....
I suggest you to make some video demo and promote it over at:
Youtube, Koinup, Machinima.com

Pier Dagostino

slhamlet said...

Beth, have you a SLURL so people can check it out first-hand?

teagah beck said...

hi Angrybeth ... i study machinima and i love the news. congratulations ... please, let us know everything about, ok?

good work :)

best regards,


iliveisl said...

wow! i found your post from Hamlet's and also cuz my filming path got fried (they are working on it to be fair)

your tool looks great and it gets rid of the particle sparkles? that would be fabulous!

i had serious issues with those particles!

my first machinima

Aaricia said...

Very interesting initiative. It has given me some light about what we can do with Second Life in Education