Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Giant SL/Twitter typewriter

Now residing at The Pencil Factory, The Port. Originally created for Penguin last year, this giant typewriter publishes to Twitter. Touch to type, or sit on the keys to type in capitals. Feel free to create upto 140 characters of nonsense or poetic gems. Once you've typed it, touch the carriage return lever - to publish to - and also onto the virtual paper.


lukeb3000 said...

Thats a very cool mash up

I would be there right now posting a lovely message if it wasn't for the fact as soon as I login my SL client instantly crashes

I wonder if any thing interesting will be posted, I think I will be keep checking over at to see what people post

suzanne aurilio said...

This IS a great mashup.

Ben Werdmuller said...

This is actually the end of human civilization as we know it.

brownpau said...

I'm greatly enjoying the typewriter, sticking around The Pencil Factory and watching the variety of people who pass through to use it. I posted it to Metafilter too. Some SL hate in the thread but honestly I think the typewriter's good work.