Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings

The 29th June was the launch of the Second Life version of 77 Million Paintings. This launch ran concurrently with the North American premiere of Brian Eno's Art installation at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.
The event will continue to run till the 1st July. With new bits and bobs happening over the next days, so keep an eye out.

The Second life installation was a project I've worked on for the last few weeks and co-ordinated by Cyrus Huffhines of and Alexander Rose of the Long Now Foundation.
Placed across four locations in Second Life, each installation was a unique install, with a several locations offering extra Eno related 'freebies' to pick up on the tour.

Install hosted at Leeds College of Art and Design's sim - The Collective

Install hosted at The Art Center

Install hosted at Ars Virtua

Personally this has been a fun and interesting Art work to translate into Second Life, and hopefully one that conveys the ambience and scale of the original work at San Francisco. At each installation, the music stream plays the generative sounds created by the 77 million Paintings installation.

More infomation about the event can be found at

Installation 1: Kula Sims
Installation 2: Art Center
Installation 3: Ars Virtua
Installation 4: The Collective

Facebook album of launch night link here

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rikomatic said...

congratulations! This is a remarkable achievement, but in real life and SL. I can not imagine the work that must have gone into this. So imaginative and expansive.